Standard and Custom Fabricated Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

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Standard Features

All products feature these standard materials of construction. Alternate materials are available upon request.

Features Material
Tubes & Headers Copper, Steel, Stainless
Oil Turbulators Aluminum
Tube Fins Aluminum, Steel, Stainless, or Copper
Cabinets & Louvers Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel
Fan Steel or Semi-Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Fan Guard Steel Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel
Frame Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel
  • All units are hydro/pneumatically tested and are available with ASME “U”Stamp when required.
  • Fan driven units are shipped with TEFC 230/460V/3PH electric motors suitable for outdoor applications. Alternate motor options are available upon request.
  • External fin coatings are available for those applications requiring this feature. Consult the factory for alternate design conditions.


Nelson SPIRO-FIN Turbulator


The Nelson SPIRO-FIN Turbulator is a device which is placed inside the tubes of a heat exchanger to increase heat transfer efficiency from a viscous fluid which is intended to be cooled. The turbulators are comprised of an aluminum extrusion which has been twisted in the longitudinal dimension. The extrusions are twisted in order to increase the mixing of the fluid as it flows through the turbulator and therefore transforms the flow conditions in the boundary layer from laminar to turbulent flow. Without the turbulator the flow would be laminar throughout. Turbulent flow is characterized by a marked increase in heat transfer over laminar flow.

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