Belt Guard Aftercoolers


ABG Series

Universal belt guard aftercoolers with standard models for cooling reciprocating compressors featuring OSHA approved belt guard with galvanized steel casings and expanded metal for personnel protection.


Approximate Dimensions in Inches

Model Number A B C D E
ABG 30 23 35 7 * *
ABG 65 25.50 48 8.75 * *
ABG 80 33 51 10.50 * *
ABG 110 33 59 10.50 * *
  Note: *Upon request, various connectors and configurations are available.
  General Construction:
Galvanized carbon steel casing
Removable galvanized expanded metal both sides


Installation and Maintenance

ABG Series aftercoolers are to be mounted on the compressor in place of a standard belt guard. Proper installation requires cutting of rear grill to fit motor pulley and compressor flywheel.

Periodic cleaning of the fin section can normally be done by blowing off accumulated dust and residue. No other maintenance is required.


Flexible Connections

Stainless steel braided corrugated hose protects core from compressor vibrations. (Must be properly installed to validate warranty).


Combination separator with automatic drain trap may be installed between aftercooler and receiver to remove condensed moisture from compressed air stream.

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